Crayons: The NEW Definition of Beauty

“Crayons come in all different shapes and sizes.”That is just the beginning of how beauty should be seen today. Crayons, much like humans, are different. They come in different sizes and different colors. Some are broken and some are okay.

We have never been a more judgemential society than we are today. We treat people differently because of the way they look, especially if it differentiates from the social norm that media has implanted in our heads. We look differently at people if they’re bigger than a size 10 or smaller than a size 2. We look at them differently if they don’t have the perfect skin or the perfect hair.

Did we ever look at crayons that way?


We used Crayons no matter how they looked. We used they because they were vital to what we were doing. Humans are also vital to what we do as a whole.

Humans are just crayons in the giant Crayon box called the world.


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