The Female Filmmaker Tag


Q1. Which female filmmakers do you look up to and why?
A. I look up to Kayla Briët, the mind behind Smoke That Travels because she started off in a way similar to how I did. Her films are unique and true to who she is, if that makes sense.

Q2. How would you describe your filmmaking style? 

A. My filmmaking style is simple. I don’t color correct my footage much and I rarely add a filter over. I do, however, always try to include something fandom related in my films, whether it be from a tv show, movies or music.

Q3. How does being a woman affect your filmmaking?

A. Being a woman and a director, I feel like it gives me a confidence that I wouldn’t otherwise have because I know there aren’t many others like myself who do the same thing.

Q4. How did you get into filmmaking?

A. I got into filmmaking by competing in the 18 Hour Film Project and since my first competition, I have completed 16 short films.

Q5. Who would be on your dream crew?

A. Would it be selfish to say the crew I have? I have the most amazing filmmaking partner, Spencer, who has helped me complete all of the projects and I could not do it without them. They are my rock and they will always be a part of my team!

Q6. If you could, how would you change the stigma that surrounds being a woman and a filmmaker? 

A. I would show that women are capable of the same things as men and just because we have different chromosomes doesn’t mean we can’t be just as good filmmakers.

Q7. What is your favorite film made by a female filmmaker? 

A. My favorite film is by far Smoke That Travels by Kayla Briët. I saw the film at VidCon 2016 and it reignited my passion for filmmaking and made me want to work harder to become the filmmaker I want to be.

Q8. What is your favorite film that you’ve ever made and why? 

A. My favorite film that I’ve made is probably a tie between Crayons and Emmett. Crayons is unlike anything I’ve made before and it sends a message about unfair standards for beauty and how we can combat the problem media has created by only displaying one type of person. Emmett is a fan made prequel to Back to the Future where we told the story of Emmett Brown and how his obsession with time travel began.

Q9. What do you aspire to do in the female filmmaker community?

A. I aspire to make a name for myself and show just how good of a filmmaker a woman can be.

Q10. What would you say to women who want to be a filmmaker but think they can’t? 

A. Don’t let the male-ruled entertainment world deter you from doing what you want. If you want to be a filmmaker, do it! Get a camera and start filming! Don’t worry about the quality of the first piece. Learn what you can from experience and other filmmakers. Just do what you love and make what you want to make.
Check out my video on this here.


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